Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode 0.4: What Happened To The Rest?

Yeah, so it's been a while. I have awoken from my hiberation to bring you another episode of The Wolverine Berserker Podcast. Well at least PART of an episode. :P

Episode 4.1

Part 1 of the long awaited (I'm flattering myself) Episode 4. In this podcast I give you some Wolverine news, and review Dark Wolverine #83, Wolverine: Weapon X #11 and Wolverine: Mr. X. The character bio is on Mr. X (what a coincidence) and I in no way used wikipedia as a research tool...

Anyways, hope you like it and see ya next time.

BTW, here's the Jacket

Hahaha, you'll never know how this one really ends.


  1. Recently found your podcast. Listened to the first two episodes and look forward to the next two. Appreciate your passion for Wolverine and all the good info. Had been meaning to read early Wolverine stuff and your history of Wolverine segment made me finally crack open my Wolverine by Claremont/Miller hardcover - it's a fantastic read so far. Then I came across Wolverine Classic Vol 1 at my LCS and picked it up. I saw a used copy of The Brotherhood there so will have to go back and get it. Thanks, and hope you keep this podcast going for a long time.

  2. Thanks man. That's awesome that you like the podcast. I'm taking a short break but should be back around mid to late June.