Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Releases: January 26, 2011

A lot of books out this week. I'd say the big ones are X-23 #5 and Uncanny X-Force #4. I'd give those a shot if you're not picking 'em up already. We also have Uncanny X-Men #532, as well as New Avengers #8 and X-Men #7, both of which are starting new arcs.

What are you buying this week?

Clockwise from Top Left:
X-23 #5, Uncanny X-Force #4, New Avengers #8, Uncanny X-Men #532 & X-Men #7


  1. I'll be getting(or have already got!)all of those except for New Avengers #8... I picked up Avengers #9 instead, which I'm sure will have a Wolvie appearance. I'm REALLY looking forward to Uncanny X-Force though. What about you, Josh? Is it safe to assume that you're most looking forward to X-23 #5?

  2. Out of the comics listed here I only picked up Uncanny X-Force #4, X-Men #7 and New Avengers #8 (I was surprised to see a different cover for it instead of the one listed above). X-Force continues to be a pretty good read I must say, it really is something to check out.

  3. I agree with you guys about X-Force, I haven't decided whether or not I'll read it first or save it for last this week. I'm REALLY liking X-23 right now, but can you beat Deadpool, Fantomex and Wolverine in the same book?

    @Nathaniel I know, I was a little surprised too haha

    Another one that I picked up by accident (it was in my pull box when it wasn't supposed to be) was Age of X Alpha. I caught it, but decided just to buy it anyways.

  4. I'll definitely be reading X-Force once I'm off-line tonight! Like you said, Wolvie, Deadpool, Fantomex, that is just a killer line-up right there.

    I was actually conflicted on Age of X Alpha, Josh. I love stories like that, but I'm not a fan of Mike Carey's X-Men work, so I decided to give it a pass. After you give it a read I'd love to hear what you thought about it, because if I hear enough good things I may just give it a try.

  5. It was okay, but I don't think it's must-read if you're gonna read Age of X. It's one of those books that goes all over the place, spending a little time with each character just to introduce the situation and set things up, but the actual story hasn't really begun yet.

  6. Thanks for the overview, Josh. I think I'll definitely be skipping it then. I get enough comics a month as it is! :D