Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wolverine & Jubilee #1 Review

Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Art: Phil Noto

Cursed Part 1 (of 4)

Wolverine and Jubilee are back together, but things are different now. Very different. This is not the classic team-up from the nineties that I used to love, but rather a whole new take on the relationship. Jubilee has gone through Hell since the good old days, and Logan has been to Hell. If losing her powers wasn’t already bad enough, becoming a vampire takes the cake. Jubes already felt like an outsider, and this only makes thing worse. She is depressed and overcome with anger and paranoia. Being a typical teenager, she’s stubborn and thinks that everyone who is trying to help her is really out to get her and she feels that the only person she can trust is the Ol’ Canucklehead.

This issue really goes deeper into Logan’s role as a father figure to Jubilee. When times are tough, he makes a point to be there. She feels like and outcast and is probably not too far off the mark by thinking that the others don’t care about her that much, well at least not nearly as much as Logan does. I found Rockslide’s minor role to be a good addition to the story and the story itself was very good. It was a good start and I look forward to seeing how this goes. It’s not the fun-loving Jubilee that I remember, but the relationship really hasn’t changed. The art was superb and the story did a very good job of presenting the current situation, which is exactly what I was looking for.


  1. This sounds REALLY good, like... I need to pick this up good. I've only read a few Wolverine stories, including the entire run of Wolverine Origins and I always liked his father figure role to Jubilee, so this definitely seems up my alley. And nice review dude, you convinced me to pick up the first issue on Wednesday.

  2. Thanks man! Yeah I'm a big fan of Jubilee/Wolverine. I really liked how this one gets you into Jubilee's head. Let me know how you like it.

    On another note, I actually picked up ASM 652 this week and really enjoyed it as well.

  3. I was wondering if Jubilee would fall into obscurity after becoming a vampire so I'm glad her character is still being used. I'll definitely let ya know what I think of it.

    Glad ya enjoyed ASM, If ya have a chance I'd recommend pretty much everything from One Moment In Time up to now, cause it's been pretty good.

  4. Awesome! This was a spur of the moment comic shop pick-up for me(I also enjoyed the Jubilee/Wolvie dynamic from back in the day, more than the Wolvie/Shadowcat relationship), but I was ALMOST scared off by Kathryn Immonen since I wasn't a fan of her Runaways run. After reading this, I see I'll be moving this comic up a few places in my comic pile to give it a read tonight.

  5. Uh oh, now there's pressure for it to actually be good now haha.

    @x-man75 I also liked Wolverine & Jubilee duo more than Wolverine & Kitty.

    Have you read Wolverine #75? (1993)

  6. Ah yes, I most definitely did! I have the full run of Wolvie books from like issue #45 until the end. X-Men #25 is one of my all-time favorite comics, so Wolvie #75 being the follow-up was must read stuff for me. That comic did a great job looking into Wolvie's relationship with both Jean(who I WISH Wolvie was with)and Jubes. Wolvie's note to Jubilee was a nice touch. Yeah, I love(most)of the old Wolvie series... Well except for when he became a nose-less animal... :P

  7. I didn't Advance Order this title but I like the sound of your review and I've seen a preview of the art and it looks FANTASTIC - it's Phil Noto so how could it not be?! - so I'll be picking this up.

    Thanks Josh.

  8. That letter at the end is one of my favorite Wolvie moments ever. Same with the catching Jean by the hand and the "no, you caught me" or whatever that line was.

    I hope you like it Zaius. The art WAS great

  9. That whole issue was amazing... That moment when Wolvie first popped his bone claws was just a total shock! I mean I remember when I first read that and was just floored! And the best thing was that it made a whole lot of sense, since the adamantium was simply connected to his bones, it wouldn't have given him claws.

  10. Well I'm completely different because I already knew about the bone claws when I first read it. They were back issues by the time I got them, so I already knew the story. I was anticipating the moment when they were revealed, almost trying to forget I knew about them, and the reveal still didn't disappoint.

    btw, the noseless animal part...are you talking about the issues from the "monkey wolverine period" after #100? lol

  11. Ah. Yeah, when I first read it I had NO idea that the claws were actually bone, I just assumed they were made entirely of adamantium. So when Wolvie pops the claws, the X-Men weren't the only ones surprised!

    HA! Yes... That period of Wolvie's history... I don't even have words for it. I mean, I'd have loved to have heard the conversation at Marvel when they were like, "Let's take our most popular character and transform him into a shoe-less, nose-less, deformed animal! That'll increase sales!" On the plus side, some of the stories when Wolvie was going through that were pretty funny, even if they weren't meant to be. I'll always remember one scene where Wolvie was carrying Cyclops around with his TEETH!