Friday, December 10, 2010

New Avengers #7 Review

Luke Cage looks for a nanny and Logan has the munchies.

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Stuart Immonen

After the slightly disappointing (and slightly blinding) conclusion to the first arc of the ‘new’ New Avengers series, we get a much less action-packed transition issue. There are three burning questions that face the New Avengers: When will Wolverine stop eating? Who will be the nanny for Luke Cage’s baby? And when will Bendis allow Spider-Man to grow up and stop acting like a twelve year old kid? Seriously though, there was no action at all, just a lot of standing around and talking. I’m all for this type of issue, I find it necessary every once in a while, but it just seems to hurt my wallet when I’m paying $3.99 for a story about a nanny search.

As far as the characters go, they interact fairly well and the banter helps the story flow. One thing I will mention though is that it seems like I’m hearing the same voice coming out of every character, and that there is not too much contrast between them. Another is that Bendis seems to treat Spider-Man like the village idiot. The way he’s portrayed is like your annoying little brother that follows you everywhere and just won’t shut up. As far as Wolverine goes, it feels like I’m watching Ocean’s Eleven and he’s Brad Pitt. I swear he must be eating something in every panel. Logan had better stop it soon before he ends up looking like Fred Dukes.

I will say that it was pretty entertaining, especially some of the nanny interviews. I’m surprised some of these candidates were even considered and not weeded out immediately (ex: one overused merc with a mouth). There were some good little chuckles and ‘laugh out loud’ moments, sprinkled with some one-liners that fell right on their face. I guess you shouldn’t take this book too seriously. Maybe you shouldn’t take this series too seriously, at least for now. Overall it was decent issue, but I’m hoping things will pick up next month or I will start to get a little more serious with my reviews.

And did I mention that Immonen’s art was amazing again? Well I did now.

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