Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Wolverine Picture

Who would have guessed that Logan was so artistic? It must be a side of him that we don't know about. Don't worry, that ear will grow right back.


  1. "Vincent Van Gough" sure is someone history should remember as someone who desperately needed a healing factor to plug back his ear, and a set of claws to help him chop his ear in front of the bitch he was drooling over, or he could just use simply being wiser :P

    If I remember right; Logan didn't appreciate art when he was with his Japanese foster daughter and embarrassing her by having zero knowledge or interest in art, just smart-assed remarks. How can such a guy be an artist in something other than "Martial Arts" & Slicing cronies?

    Hi Wade, I'm a fellow member in "Spider-Man Crawl Space"

  2. Haha. I think the healing factor would only drive him more insane. It would definately be harder to commit suicide.