Friday, January 29, 2010

Preview: Wolverine Savage

Here's a quick look at Wolverine Savage and its Variant Cover. Who would have guessed that Deadpool would be on it. I mean, it's not like Marvel has been trying to give him any exposure...

Oh well, for those of you who are upset about Deadpool being in what seems like EVERY Marvel comic, and appearing on EVERY variant cover, keep this in mind: Nobody is forcing you to buy them. Do I like it? I guess the answer would be that I don't really care, I like Deadpool so it's cool with me. These covers are funny, and unless you are one of those complete collectors, it should not affect you. Of course, nobody even brought up this subject, and this is anything BUT an angry rant, or a shot at those who are against Marvel's Deadpool fever. I'm definately NOT going into a berserker rage over this, and it's a WOLVERINE blog anyways, so I'll shut up so you can look at the preview of Wolverine Savage:

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