Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Dark Wolverine #82

Cover By: Salvador Larroca
Story: Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu
Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Godlike, Part 1

Well, the story begins with Norman’s Dark Avengers and some soldiers all preparing for battle. As usual, Daken mocks Norman, picks fights and alienates the other members of the team. Nobody seems to trust Daken, and Norman is suspicious, so the status quo has not changed at all. In fact, it has actually gotten worse since Daken has lost his only friend on the team last issue in Moonstone (as Ms. Marvel), but I don’t think he really cares. It's pretty much what we've been seeing for the entire run of Dark Wolverine.


After an exchange of words between Daken and Norman, we see The Fates watching. Jumping to the battle, Daken treats the fight like a game, because to him that’s all it is. He actually tells one of the Asgardian warriors that he is willing to bring him the head of Norman Osborne and the Avengers on a silver platter. Not sure how to respond, he asks Daken why he would do that, but is then killed by Norman Osborne himself. After giving Daken orders, Norman is then caught by a surprise attack by Daken, who stabs him in the back and proceeds to move in to finish him off, all the while, being watched by The Fates who pronounce that “this is very promising.”

Daken believes he knows everything about everybody (what’s new?), and that he controls them all. In fact, it seems that they ARE his puppets because according to him, they are doing exactly what he wants. Daken also deducts that Norman will not let his Avengers free after the battle out of fear that he will lose control over them. We all know that Norman is power hungry and Daken is probably right when he says that it’s a "lose-lose" situation and everybody is doomed no matter the outcome. The story as a whole was pretty much all talk and no action, although the art was great. Those last two pages left me thinking though. I knew something was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen like this. If it’s true, this would be a huge twist in the Siege storyline. Actually, I believe that this is only a vision, which really leaves this issue with little significance.

I give this issue a 3/5

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