Monday, January 18, 2010

$1.00 Marvel Comics

Last week Marvel announced the next wave of the $1.00 books under their Marvel's Greatest Comics imprint, which will be hitting the shelves in April. Of the four comics that will be rereleased, three of them are Wolverine related.

On April 7, Wolverine #66 is going to be rereleased. This is the first issue of the "Old Man Logan" story arc. This was an excellent story and I highly reccomend it.

On April 21, Marvel will be reprinting New Avengers #1. Although Wolverine is not actually a member of the New Avengers yet, he will eventually. This series is going to be discontinued after the Siege event in April (New Avengers #64), so it may be a good one to get into because you can read the complete series without juggling the back issues as well as the current releases.

On April 28, Civil War #1 will be reprinted. This is an excellent story in my opinion, although it may drop off at the conclusion, I still reccomend this story. If you are going to be reading this for the first time, I reccomend that you also pick up the Civil War tie-in trade paperbacks of your favorite Marvel characters to go along with the main story. cough-cough...Wolverine.

These books are being reprinted for new readers to get introduced to the comics by putting out first issues of major stories, which I guess will serve as a preview. At least that's what I'm assuming because I would much rather pick up a trade than go hunting for these back issues just to finish the story. Either way this is good for Marvel, and I reccomend picking these up if you are just getting into the comics.

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