Friday, December 10, 2010

Wolverine: The Best There Is #1 Review

Written By: Charlie Huston
Art By: Juan Jose Ryp

Remember when I reviewed Wolverine: Wendigo and I said that it was nothing but glorified toilet paper? Well, Wolverine: The Best There Is #1 isn’t even worthy of wiping my ass. It is so bad that it’s almost insulting. I’d love to give a brief synopsis of the story, but I’m still looking for it. There’s was no sign of a plot anywhere in this comic book. What we got instead was bits and pieces of a hashed up story thrown into a blender and just plopped onto the pages in no particular order. We at one point meet some villain, and his henchmen, one of whom is a wannabe Joker. The art, although good, is very inconsistent in my opinion. Now the worst part of this comic other than the nonexistent story and the idea of Logan hitting the dance floor, is the dialogue. At the beginning there is so much unnecessary profanity. In fact, so many words were getting bleeped out that the sentences were becoming incoherent. Wolverine escapes from some underground gladiator-style fight club and kills a bunch of people in the process. He then hitches a ride back to civilization with some bimbo. From that point we have a book filled with choppy, uninteresting conversations covering such topics as Wolverine working at a salon, dancing, and getting a bikini wax. Sorry, Wolverine’s a man’s man and I demand that Mr. Huston’s man card be revoked immediately.

The credits were not given until the end of the story, like it’s some great reveal of the creative team and we the reader are expected to go, “This is AWESOME!” Yeah I was eager to find out who wrote this, but by no means to give praise. I wanted to know who owed me $3.99 plus tax. Now this has already wasted my time, and I don’t want to waste anymore of yours so I’ll wrap it up. First, I’ll let you know that I’m usually very positive when it comes to comics. I’ve actually been criticized by some of my friends of being too nice when it comes to bad writing, but hey, I’m here to enjoy my books so I’m gonna try and find as much positives in a book as I can. Keeping that in mind, I give this issue 0 out of 5.

This series can’t get any worse, but I’d sure hate to be wrong for my own sanity. Issue #2 comes out January 5, 2010. Use extreme caution before buying this book; I can’t say I can recommend this series. (And dammit, why is there a joker imposter in this, Marvel? *facepalm*)

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