Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Wolverine Savage

Writer: Ryan Dunleavy
Artist: Richard Elson
Cover By: J. Scott Campbell

Although I couldn’t pick up the Deadpool Variant, I was still able to get my hands on Wolverine Savage. It’s rated A, which is not a bad thing, but you can expect a more family friendly take on Wolverine, and this is exactly what this comic was. Personally, I did not particularly enjoy this one, but it did a great job at telling a simple, child friendly Wolverine story.

The story starts with Logan fighting the Lizard in Japan. He tells you some background info about the Lizard, and then proceeds to defeat him after chopping off his tail. In the process though, he has ruined a large order of sushi that a restaurant had been preparing for that night. Feeling bad about the whole situation, Wolverine goes on to make a whole new batch of sushi, saving the day.

Grateful for what he did for her, the owner of the restaurant celebrates with Wolverine, toasting to her “pops,” who had been missing for several months. She then goes on to explain how the restaurant used to be filled with customers, but now was barely getting by. When her father had been the head chef, they made the best Ramen around, using special eggs as the secret ingredient. Then one day, pops just disappeared. Wolverine agrees to help her look for these special eggs, using his heightened sense of smell.

Logan comes across the eggs, which come from a giant lizard-like sea monster that lives on an island just off the coast. After a brief fight, Logan is eaten by the monster, and surprisingly finds pops. Apparently he had been living inside of the monster for months. From there, they make the monster throw up, and Wolverine fights off the giant monster. There is some pretty humorous banter between pops and Logan, as they escape safely. The restaurants business begins to boom again, and they are able to hire a full kitchen crew, which leaves Logan to be demoted from sushi chef to the cleaning crew.

Obviously this is a hard comic to grade, since I am not in the target audience. It’s a very simple story, very easy for a child to understand. The art was very good as well, with many bright colors to go along with the kid friendly plot. I think it did a great job considering what it was shooting for. I would not recommend this for anyone looking for a typical Wolverine comic, which would include the usual gruff, no-nonsense Wolverine as well a large pile of dead bad guys. I won’t give this one a grade, but if I was going to, it would be 5 out of 5.


  1. I'm enjoying your reviews Josh - keep 'em coming!

  2. I didn't like this one at all, but like you said; it wasn't intended for people my age.

    Kids would've loved it, I bet!

  3. I didn't like it either. It was hard to really take this one seriously.

    But yeah, this was written for children. Hopefully too many people didn't buy it thinking otherwise.