Friday, February 5, 2010

Review Wolverine: Weapon X #10

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: C.P. Smith
Cover By: Adam Kubert

This book doesn’t have a real story to it; it’s more like a Wolverine history lesson. Melita wants more out of her relationship with Logan, but he’s scared to get close to her because of fear that she may end up with the same fate of other women he has gotten close to. So, Logan decides to look for some advice from his close friends. That’s pretty much all that there is to this book. I think he should just go on Dr. Phil to talk about his problems instead of taking it to a comic book.

Okay, I’m not bashing this comic in any way, I save that for Wolverine One-Shots with an absent Wolverine. The story (or non-story) was actually pretty interesting. I feel it was necessary, even if I didn’t like the idea. We learn a lot about Melita that we didn’t know before, and we begin to see, just like Logan, that she is capable of protecting herself (at least to a point). Anyways, after two consecutive action packed story arcs, this little transition issue didn’t bother me at all. This is setting up for the next storyline, which will feature both Cap and Bucky, so I’m pretty pumped for that one.

Once I found out what this issue was actually gonna be about, I sort of lost any real anticipation for it, but Jason Aaron is a great writer and he was able to keep my interest. As much as I didn’t want to enjoy this book, I found myself really liking it in the end. One last thing about this issue was the art. First off, let me say that I do NOT like this art style at all. Nothing against C.P. Smith, it’s just not my thing. When I skimmed through the pages I saw the art and was pretty disappointed, but after reading this comic, I was completely sold. Smith’s art really complimented Aaron’s story, and fit very well with this particular issue. Not the type of story I typically enjoy, but Aaron and Smith really surprised me and pulled out a good one here.

I’m gonna give this one a 4/5.

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  1. I liked this one, because of logan's conversations with his friends :)
    Him playing chess with Storm was such a nice touch!

    Melita seems a cool chick. While I don't like Logan in a relationship I do like this woman!